Exhibition in Kladno and discussion on 19 April: The Cabinet of Photography at the Kladno Castle is currently hosting an exhibition of my photographs Prague under the Towers, which will run until 28 May 2023. On 19 April (at 6 pm) there is also a discussion with a screening, where I will present a brief cross-section of my work from the 1980s to the present. You are cordially invited to come and see it.

Tomáš Vocelka (*1965)

is a Czech photographer and journalist, winner of the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 in the Architecture & Design / Professional category. He currently works mainly for the Aktuálně.cz website, where he is also the editor of the photography section. He won the Czech Press Photo 2018 in the category Prague Transformations / Prague Grant and is a two-time finalist in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition.

"I love photos that tells stories and capture the everyday little miracles around us."

Tomáš Vocelka

Sony world Photography Awards 2021 Winner

Eternal Hunting Grounds: My winning series in the Architecture category tells the story of a former military complex that two friends (with the help of architect Petr Hájek) turned into a crematorium for pets. It is the story about our changing society. It is the story about us and our pets. It is the story about the paradox of loneliness in the world full of people - because the closest and the most loved partner for many of us is a dog or a cat. But it is also the story about the world where we can change the former cold war army complex into the piece of the art and architecture.

Movie: A Year in Photos

The results of the Sony World Photography Awards were announced online only in 2021 due to epidemiological restrictions. The movie A Year in Photos was made for the occasion. One part is dedicated to my winning series, Eternal Hunting Grounds.