Eternal Hunting Ground

Eternal Hunting Ground

Behind the wall and mirrors is a pet crematorium

I am a finalist of the Sony World Photography Awards!

Unbelievable! My dreams come true. I am a finalist of the Sony World Photogprahy Awards 2021 in the category Architecture / Professional.

Let me tell you something about my project. The former Drnov military complex has been empty for 17 years since the army left it. Two friends bought it to fulfill their dream of building a final resting place for pets, called Eternal Hunting Ground. With the help of a minimalist architect Petr Hájek, they have created 
a mourning hall and a crematorium. I

t is the story about our changing society. It is the story about us and our pets. 
It is the story about the paradox of loneliness in the world full of people - because the closest and the most loved partner for many of us is a dog or a cat. But it is also the story about the world where we can change the former cold war army complex into the piece of the art and architecture.

I believe, that a good photograph is created through our hearts and eyes. 
So, I tried to catch the unique atmosphere of the place and express my feelings throug a visual language of photography. Success in the Sony World Photography Awards is a real proof to me, that I have managed it.

I am really honoured to be among the finalists.

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