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Foto: Vojtěch Vlk ( <a href="http://www.vojtechvlk.com">http://www.vojtechvlk.com</a>)

Tomáš Vocelka. Foto: © VojtechVlk.com

* Tomáš Vocelka (*1965, Krnov, Czech Republic) 

* Photographer and journalist 

* I was an editor and a deputy editor in chief at the most influential Czech newspaper MF DNES

* Now I am editor and photographer at the Czech online newspaper Aktuálně.cz

* I was awarded at the Czech Press Photo 2018 (winner, Grant of Prague category)

My name is Tomáš Vocelka, I live in the Czech Republic and I have been a photographer since 1990.

My father is an enthusiast photographer, so I have had some experience with photography since my childhood. My parents gave me the first camera when I was 12 years old. It was Lomo, a very simple Russian 35mm camera. In my opinion, I started taking pictures in 1977.

When I was at university, I saw the exhibition of great Czechoslovak documentary photographer Gustav Aulehla. It was such an amazing experience that has changed my life. I realised that photography can tell stories. He lived in the same city as I did, and he became my mentor.

In 1990, one year after the Velvet Revolution, I started my professional career as a photojournalist of the regional newspaper. After the decade I completely changed my professional career and substituted photography with writing. For the next 12 years, I worked as a front page editor of the most influential Czech daily newspaper and then I promoted to the deputy editor in chief. But photography has always been my passion.  

At the age of 50, I realized to feel exhausted and I desired to return to professional photography. I fulfiled my dream and made a comeback as a photographer (in the lifestyle section of the online newspaper Aktuálně.cz).

My photographs were published for example at the cover page of the National Geographic Viajes (Spain), at HN Magazine (Slovakia), MF DNES daily (Czech Republic) and many others. One of my photos was chosen by the US based rock band Steal the Prize for the leaflet of the album Don't Forget You're Sad.





Sony World Photography Awards 2021 - nominee (Architecture & design / Professional)

Czech Press Photo 2019 - second place (Reportage category)

Travel Photographer of the Year 2019 - Finalist (Street Photography - single)

Czech Press Photo 2018 - Winner (Prague grant category)

Sony World Photography Awards 2017 - Commended (Nature / Open)

Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2016-17 – Runner Up (Perspectives Often Missed) 

Travel Photographer of the Year 2016 – Finalist (Land, Sea, Sky – Portfolio)  

Photo Annual Awards 2014 – Honorable mention (Motions, series)


Visions of Six - Jizerská 50, Leica Gallery Prague, 2021 (6 photographers)

Below the Prague Towers - Czech Photo Centre Gallery, Prague, 2020 (solo)

Czech Press Photo 2019 exhibition - Old Town Square City Hall, Prague, 2019 

Generation Z - exhibition at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, 2019

Letmo (aerial photography) - Galerie Svět, Ostrava, 2019 (T. Vocelka nad V. Vocelka)

The wonderful world of flying - Karolinum, Praha 2018 (spolu s Jiřím Prušou)

Czech Press Photo 2018 exhibition - Old Town Square City Hall, Prague, 2018

Geometry of the City - Leica Gallery Café, Prague, 2018 (solo)

Czech Press Photo 2017 exhibition - Old Town Square City Hall, Prague, 2017

Velvet Revolution in Krnov - Krnov City Hall, 2017 (Tomas Vocelka, Gustav Aulehla)

Cities & Escapes - retropective exhibition at the Flemich's villa, Krnov, 2017 (solo)

5 hours in Los Angeles - National Library of Technology Prague, Café Prostoru, 2016 (solo)

Photo Annual Awards 2014 exhibition - Teplice, 2015

Photo bloggers exhibition - MAFRA building, Prague, 2011

Books & Catalogues

Visions of Six - Jizerska 50 as photographic inspiration (2020, Raul! Agency)

Photo book, author and editor: Petr Volf. Photographers: Tomáš Vocelka, Jiří Langpaul, Jan Šibík, Daniel Hušták, Makréta Navrátilová, Lukáš Dvořák. "The fifty-third Jizerská 50 cross-coutry skiing race also included an art project "jizerska 50 Visions of six". Tis time race provided inspiration for leading Czech Photographers selected, primarily, by Mila Dubska, director of the Leica Gallery Prague. The resulting collection not only transmits the atmosphere of this cross-country skiing tournament, but also demonstrates various approaches to the mediium of photography an to creative work in general," writes editor and curator Peter Volf .

Our mountains & skis & snow. Edited by Herbert Slavik (2020, WWA Photo).

Photo book, different photogaphers, for example Vilém Heckel, Herbert Slavík, Jan Kasl or Tomáš Vocelka and many others.

Below the Prague Towers (2020, Tomáš Vocelka)

Author: Tomáš Vocelka. Catalogue of the photo exhibition in the Czech Photo Center gallery, 60 pages. Series Below the Prague towers won Grant of Prague category at the Czech Press Photo contest 2018).

Czech Press Photo Catalogue (2019)

Photos from the Czech Press Photo Exhibition at Old Town City Hall, Prague. Reportage category (2nd place).

Czech Press Photo Catalogue (2018)

Photos from the Czech Press Photo Exhibition at Old Town City Hall, Prague. Winning photos fom the Prague Grant category.

Cities and Escapes (2017, Tomáš Vocelka)

Author: Tomáš Vocelka. Catalogue of the authors photo exhibition held in the Flemich's Villa in Krnov.

Czech Press Photo Catalogue 2017

Photos from the Czech Press Photo Exhibition at Old Town City Hall, Prague. Contemporary Issues category.

Lens of the Velvet Revolution, Krnov 1989-1990 (2009)

Photo book edited by Zdenek Jeník and Petr Strandel. Photographers Tomáš Vocelka, Vladimír Vocelka, Gustav Aulehla, Josef Kuník, Richard Hrček a Martin Hradečný. Velvet Revolution seen by the local photographers at the Silesian town Krnov.

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