Review: Through the Woods presets

I tested Through the Woods Lightroom presets more than month on many of my photographs. I tried a lot of free presets earlier, and they weren’t very efficient for me. But with the Through the Woods presets it was a different story. Most of my photographs are a landscape shots and presets made by Sleeklens were really efficient in my Lightroom workflow.

Inside the Though the Woods landscape bundle you can find 51 presets and 30 brushes for landscape editing. There is also a guide how to install these presets and how to use them.

What are the main advantages of these presets and brushes? 
1) They can really speed up your work, even if you are an experienced Lightroom user. You can see effect of the filters in the Lightroom navigator window, before you apply them on an image. A beginner, who has only a basic skills in the Lightroom editing, can achieve results, which are impossible to achieve for him in another way. Experienced user can use the presets as an entry step and continue with his own improvements.

2) You can learn a lot about the landscape editing thanks these presets. You can apply some preset on the image and then look at positions of the Lightroom sliders. It can be interesting even for experienced Lightroom user sometimes. It can help you to develop your own recipes for editing.

There are a different types of presets included in the bundle. You can try some all-in one presets, capable of performing various settings in a moment, or you can try so called individual presets in stackable mode – its effects will not void among themselves. Thanks to brushes you can edit even a specific sectors of the image.

Is the Through the Woods bundle worth of 39 USD?
The Through the Woods presets were really efficient for me, especially for sunrise and sunset shots and for autumn pictures as well. They can give your photos beautiful warm tone and colors. Personally, I missed more “cold” presets for a winter shots editing. But, generally, I adopted Through the Woods presets to my workflow very soon and in very easy way.

Some people says Lightroom presets aren’t good, because all photos from the different users are edited in the same style. I don’t think so. Applying preset is just beginning of your editing work. Preset can set some adjustment sliders for you, but you can improve these settings anytime. The final result still depends only on your imagination and on your skills.

So, is the Through the Woods bundle worth of 39 USD? By my opinion it is. It can show you an easy way to achieve a better photos and to understand, what various Lightroom sliders can do – especially for less experienced Lightroom users.

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You can also try their professional photo editing service.

This animated gifs shows my photos before and after use of the Through the Woods Presets